ZF2 How to save the pdf rendered by pdfModel?

i need some help plz , how can i save the pdf rendered by PdfModel, here is the code i use for generating the pdf ( the action/controller function ) :

public function genererPdfAction()
        $id = (int) $this->params('id', null);

        $pdf = new PdfModel();
        $pdf->setOption("paperSize", "a4"); //Defaults to 8x11

          'produit' => $id

        return $pdf;



here is the way i resolved the problem :

 public function generatePdfAction( $id = null){
$product = $id;
     $pdf = new PdfModel();
            $pdf->setOption("paperSize", "a4"); //Defaults to 8x11
     $pdfView = new ViewModel($pdf);
                       'produit' => $commande->getFkCategorie()->getDesignation(),
                      'product'=> $product
                $html = $this->getServiceLocator()->get('viewpdfrenderer')->getHtmlRenderer()->render($pdfView);
                $eng = $this->getServiceLocator()->get('viewpdfrenderer')->getEngine();

                $pdfCode = $eng->output();
                file_put_contents('public/files/tmp-'.$id.'.pdf', $pdfCode);

Hope it helps.

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