Autoit Recorder not available

From here I downloaded:

  1. SciTE4AutoIt3.exe
  2. SciTE.exe

But AutoIt Recorder is not in the tools menu. Also tried downloading AutoIt Recorder, though I could not. How to get AutoIt Recorder?


As of AutoIt v3.3.14.1 AU3Recorder is not included anymore. The only way is:

  1. Download AutoIt v3.3.14.0.
  2. Copy\install\Extras\Au3Record to {AutoIt-Install-Dir}\Extras\Au3Record.
  3. Start AU3Recorder:
    • Run {AutoIt-Install-Dir}\Extras\Au3Record\Au3Record.exe.
    • Or open SciTE and click Tools > AU3Recorder (Alt + F6):


It has been removed from the main installer from v3.3.14.1 as it triggers many AV false positives. You can find an old version here:

A little explanation of the rather strange link above:

If we give you a direct link to the file (or the zip file which includes it) the site gets flagged as hosting malware (yes really!) - so what you have is a link to the AutoIt archive page and the name of the zip file you need to download from it.

It is then located in the zip file at: .\install\Extras\Au3Record

It sounds like you might be looking for the AU3Recorder. You'll find this in one of the following paths (depending on your build), so long as you went with a full installation.

  • C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\Extras\Au3Record
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\Extras\Au3Record

  1. Install AutoIt v3 (This is the latest version as for now)
  2. After installation: 2.1 Click Windows Start icon -> Click "AutoIt v3" -> Click "Browse Extras" 2.2 Extras folder of AutoIt will open in Windows Explorer. Click on "Au3Record" folder -> Double click on "Au3Record.exe"
  3. AU3Record will open

Another way using AutoIt Script Editor(SciTE4AutoIt3.exe):

  1. Download AutoIt Script Editor from
  2. Install it
  3. After installation: 3.1 Open AutoIt Script Editor 3.2. Click Tools menu -> click AU3Recorder from context menu

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