How to make correct table for category / subcategory / sub-sub

I have on my other projects category and subcatecory.

At this time I have done this by a separate table for cat and subcatecory like this:



In my actual project I have to do more than a subcategory like this.

Internet - WebDesign - Php
Internet - WebDesign - Html
House - Garden - Machines

How can I do this. I think its not good to make 3 tables with the categories , subcategorie, sub-subcategories

Thanks for any suggestions how is the best way to do this.


why not make a single table: cat_id, text, parent_id

if it is a top level category, parent_id is 0, otherwise parent_id is the cat_id of the parent. If you wanted a multi-lingual site, remove text column and have a seperate table with cat_id, language_id, text.

  1. Normal way is to have a parent I'd e.g.

    id category parent_id

    1 cat 0

    2 blackcat 1

    3 dog 0

  2. If you have well designed category ids, you might omit parent id e.g.

    id category

    11 cat

    22 dog

    1133 pussy cat

    113352 pussy cat golden

And here are some SQLs:

SELECT * FROM cat WHERE id LIKE '11%'; ## get all cats

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