How to capture an array-formatted substring from a string

I want to get an array-formatted substring which is inside of the input(). I used preg_match but can't get the entire expression. It is stopping at the first ). How can I match the entire substring? Thank You.

preg_match('@^([^[]+)?([^)]+)@i',$input, $output); 

Expectation is:



This pattern match your desired string (also with starting word ≠ ‘input’:

@^(.+?)\((.+?)\)$@i demo

^(.+?)   => find any char at start (ungreedy option)
\)       => find one parenthesis 
(.+?)    => find any char (ungreedy option) => your desired match
\)       => find last parenthesis

Try this one:


$matches[1] will contain whole result you need. Hope this works.

You want it purely as a string? Use this simple regex:


None of the other answers have efficiently/accurately answered your question:

For the fastest accurate pattern, use:

echo preg_match('/input\((.*)\)/i',$input,$output)?$output[1]:'';
//                                            notice index ^

Or a slightly slower pattern that uses 50% less memory by avoiding the capture group, use:

echo preg_match('/input\(\K(.*)(?=\))/i',$input,$output)?$output[0]:'';
//                                                  notice index ^

Both methods will provide the same output: [[1,2,nc(2)],[1,2,nc(1)]]

Using a greedy * quantifier allows the pattern to move passed the nested parentheses and match the entire intended substring.

In the second pattern, \K resets the match's starting point and (?=\)) is a positive lookahead that ensures the entire substring is matched without including the trailing closing parenthesis.

EDIT: All that regex convolution aside, because you know your desired substring is wrapped in input( and ), the best, simplest approach is a non-regex one...

echo substr($input,6,-1);
// output: [[1,2,nc(2)],[1,2,nc(1)]]


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