Visual Studio-Cannot use browse dialogs such as Open File

I cannot seem to find the solution to this problem anywhere. Recently, I installed Visual Studio 2012, since there was elements in 2010 that are not avaliable and needed to use. I installed it and it worked fine for a while. However, it then wouldn't open at all and just crash at the start. It did the same thing to my Visual Studio 2010. I reinstalled both visual studios and the .net framework and this fixed the issue, but there is an even bigger issue now. Open buttons do not work at all within Visual Studio. For example, if I clicked Open Project or Add Reference, nothing happens. No error message, no dialog box, nothing. I've tried to reinstall everything and nothing has worked. Any suggestions?


Apparently you have to start the TabletPCInput service in services

To dock Input Panel. Open Tablet PC Input Panel by clicking the Start button , clicking All Programs, clicking Accessories, clicking Tablet PC, and then clicking Input Panel. Tap Tools, and then tap Dock at Top of Screen or Dock at Bottom of Screen.

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