Using errorbar() with semilogy() in MATLAB?

I'd like to plot data x & y with errorbars, ebar, and its fit, yfitted, on a semilog plot. This doesn't seem to work:

hold on;

Instead of semilog plot I get a linear plot. What should I be doing differently?



h = errorbar(x,y,ebar);
set(get(h,'Parent'), 'YScale', 'log')


ax = axes();
errorbar(ax, x,y,ebar);
set(ax, 'YScale', 'log');

This is what the documentation says.

"If you attempt to add a loglog, semilogx, or semilogy plot to a linear axis mode graph with hold on, the axis mode will remain as it is and the new data will plot as linear"

I would suggest that you just reverse the order of your plotting, that is.

hold on;

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