Find a Text and scroll into it with javascript

I have a div that contains hundreds of lines. I want to create a function that allows me to find a text and scroll into it:

function findAndScroll(text)

So, I enter the wanted text in an input text, I click on the "Go" button that will trigger the "findAndScroll" function then I get scrolled to that text.

Before coding, is there an existant jQuery plugin or a javascript library that can do this?

Thank you,



You can use a function like this to find the text and highlight it. You can then scroll to the highlighted element like this:

var offset = $("#id_of_highlighted_element").offset().top;

or you can simply go the id like this

window.location = "#id_of_highlighted_element";

However window.scrollTo is more flexible because you can set the element to wherever you want on the page.

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