ShareLinkContent has small image

I'm getting a problem about ShareLinkContent. . I shared this pic below through my App. I have a problem about the size of the image

main image

I shared that pic through my App, then the shared post display like this

but I want a display post like this

based on what? so can I get result like him. why do I get such small image result in sharing?

  ShareLinkContent linkContent = new ShareLinkContent.Builder()
                                .setContentTitle(party.getTitle() + " - " + Utility.convertDBDateForPartyDisplayFormat(party.getDate_time_start()))
                                .setContentDescription(post.getMessage() + " - " + post.getNick_name() + " \n@ " + party.getStore_name())
                                .setContentUrl(Uri.parse(URLManager.FACEBOOK_APP_LINK + "?type=past_party&id=" + party_id))


Read the Image Sizes best practices by facebook based on the image size you set to the setImageUrl() it changes.If you want image larger in the share you need to send the larger image as shown in the above link.

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