Visual studio crash on startup

I have a problem with running Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate. I start visual studio and wait to load Start page. It is ok. But when I move with mouse, visual studio crash without any error message. I tried run visual studio in /safemode, no change, the same problem. Then i try run it with /log parameter to look for errors in %appdata%/....., but the file doesn't constaints any error item. Reinstall didn't work. Anyone can help me? Thanks. (Sorry for my EN)


It is an normal problem i have seen in 2013 version, i would recommend you to use Visual studio 2015 professional instead, it's much more useful with some extra features and more user friendly.Try downloading it.

Solved. Finally!!! Visual Studio have turned on HW acceleration on graphics card. Turn off the HW acceleration in visual studio solve the problem

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