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I have created an ionic android app that reads data from the database. One of the fields in the database is the website url. I'm doing data binding where I can display the url using:


. I want to be able to use this to display an external web page. Unfortunately this is not working using this code:

 <a ng-href="#" target="_self" onclick="'{{}}','_self','location=yes')" class="button button-positive">Website</a><p>{{}}</p>

and as a result it displays :

Cannot GET /

But when I use:

 <a ng-href="#" target="_self" onclick="'','_self','location=yes')" class="button button-positive">Website</a><p>{{}}</p>

It works fine on android phone. Instead of hard coding the url, I want to use data binding as I am working with ion-list. I spent all day trying to fix this. Please help.


Hope this will help you, for detail, go to Nic's Blog, and check out comments. Regards!

<a ng-href="{{}}" target="_self" onclick=",'_self','location=yes')" class="button button-positive">Website</a><p>{{}}</p>

First, use ng-click, not onclick, but that is beside the point since you should just be using ng-href="{{}}"

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