Print a leading '+' for positive numbers in printf

I've a temperature conversion program as an assignment, which I've completed. The program has many printf statements in it which print the temperature. Now the negative temperatures are printed the way I want them but the positive temperatures are printed without a leading + sign.

Now what is the best way to get printf print a leading +sign for positive number. All I could think of is to change

printf("Min temp = %d\n",max_temp)


if(max_temp > 0)
printf("Min temp = %d\n",max_temp)

But that calls for many changes in program :(

Another option is to write my own print function and put this logic there. What do you suggest ?


You can use the + flag of printf to print positive numbers with a leading + sign as:

printf("%+d %+d",10,-10); // prints +10 -10

Add the + flag. Here is an example.

int n;
printf("%+d", n);

(assuming n is an int - just replace %d for other numeric types)

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