foreach vs ForEach using yield

Is it possible to use yield inline at the ForEach method?

private static IEnumerable<string> DoStuff(string Input)
    List<string> sResult = GetData(Input);
    sResult.ForEach(x => DoStuff(x));

    //does not work
    sResult.ForEach(item => yield return item;); 

    //does work
    foreach(string item in sResult) yield return item;

if not, is there a reason why it doesn't work?


Because as you can see here a lambda function is compiled to a separate method:


x => DoStuff(x)

is converted to

internal void <DoStuff>b__1_0(string x)

This separate method isn't a IEnumerable<> so it clearly can't support the yield keyword.

So for example this:

item => yield return item;

would be converted to:

internal void <DoStuff>b__1_0(string item)
    yield return item;

that has the yield but isn't IEnumerable<string>.

No, List<T>.ForEach can't be used for this.

List<T>.ForEach takes an Action<T> delegate.

Action<T> "Encapsulates a method that has a single parameter and does not return a value."

So the lambda you've created can't return anything if it's to "fit" in an Action<T>.

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