Append HTML to HTML string in jQuery

I have a HTML string and I want to append another html string to this in some arbitrary location.


var htmlString = '<div id="insert"> <p> Hello </p> </div>'

var appendString = '<p> Goodbye </p>'

$(appendString).appendTo( $(htmlString).find('#insert') )

Obviously that doesn't work because it cannot insert directly into the string however, I do not want to convert htmlString into a jQuery object because it messes up the structure of the HTML document and I need the script tags to remain in the locations they have been inserted.

Hope that's clear enough.


My apologies, I think I explained my problem poorly.

I have a HTML string that includes a table and I want to append a new row to the table. My problem is that I have a number of <script> tags that I need to remain in their locations. When I convert the string into a $(string), I am then unable to return it to its original form:

var htmlString = $('body').html();
var $htmlString = $(x);

This is a Confluence page that I attempting to do this on and I have limited access to the source; most I can do is to modify what is already there.

The HTML string comes from a AJAX request of another page on Confluence and I need the scripts to remain in the same place so that my other macros will run correctly.

I have included a JS Bin example of my problem to hopefully illustrate my problem clearly.,js,output


You can do it like this:

var htmlString = '<div id="insert"> <p> Hello </p> </div>';

var appendString = '<p> Goodbye </p>';
var added = ($(htmlString).append($(appendString)));
<script src=""></script>

Hi @MyLittleDax i guess you can do this:

var htmlString = "<div id='insert'> <p> Hello </p> </div>";
var appendString = "<p> Goodbye </p>";
//your container where you put the html
var container = $('#container'); 
var insert = $('#insert');

good luck!!!

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