Apply two functions to a list of tuples

I have a list of tuples containing information in the following form as so:

carDatabase :: [Car]
carDatabase = [("Ford", "Focus", 2003, [("Autotrader", 9995), ("Parkers", 9495), ("Motors", 9995)]), ("Vauxhall", "Corsa", 2005, [("Autotrader", 5995), ("FOW", 7000), ("Gumtree", 6500)]), ...]

And what I am trying to do is map this list to return a list of strings with the first element of each tuple (I have a function that does this with carMan (x,_,_,_) = x) but also using the toLower function and I cannot work out a way to combine them, be it with function compositions or mapping a map etc.

This is the closest I've got.

mapTest :: [Car] -> [String]
mapTest cs = map toLower (map carMan cs)

Any help would be appreciated.

This is the error I get with:

mapTest :: [Car] -> [String]
mapTest cs = map (toLower . carMan) cs

Couldn't match type ‘Char’ with ‘[Char]’
    Expected type: Char -> String
      Actual type: Char -> Char
    In the first argument of ‘(.)’, namely ‘toLower’
    In the first argument of ‘map’, namely ‘(toLower . carMan)’

    Couldn't match type ‘[Char]’ with ‘Char’
    Expected type: [(Char, String, Int, [(String, Int)])]
      Actual type: [Car]
    In the second argument of ‘map’, namely ‘cs’
    In the expression: map (toLower . carMan) cs


You can do this with function composition using .

map ((map toLower) . carMan) cs

Or make it a helper function:

strLower :: String -> String
strLower = map toLower

mapTest :: [Car] -> [String]
mapTest = map (strLower . carMan)

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