New line is added to result when splitting long sed expression to multiple lines

What is the right way to split sed expression? when I'm trying to split the expression to two lines I'm getting a new line in the result.


sed -e '/server.w123.path/s/"\/usr\/lib\/u1\/"/ \
 "\/var\/tmp\/"/g' <  t1.test

I'll get the results in two lines

server.w123.path , 

instead of one line(in case the sed expression is in one line:

 server.w123.path, /var/tmp


You can not split a s command this way (you are not in your shell here but in a sed command).

Doing this, your \ is considered as a char (a newline one) added before the replacement string. In other words, you replace your pattern with \n\/var\/tmp\/

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