How to send iOS Unity games to Sponsor/Publisher

I got a sponsor for my Unity Android/IOS game, I integrated Chartboost ads and google play services (Works for both android and IOS), Sending Android version was easy build APK and send,

But what about IOS, the Sponsor sent me a " .mobileprovision " and " .cer " files what to do with that ? basically how should I send him the IOS version of the game ?

I'm new to IOS development so be easy on me.


You need to sign your IOS-Build with the given Certificate and the provisioning profile you got from your Sponsor. If you don't know how to build for IOS, the easiest way would be to use Unity Cloud Build. You need to generate a p12 file from the ".cer" you got from you sponsor. Then you can use the p12 and the mobileprovision files to setup a IOS-buildtarget. => After the build is done you will get a link you can share with your sponsor.

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