CSS :not on items which do not contain any id

I have the following markup and I know that I can apply style on li which do not contain specific id as the example shows, but how do I simplify the example below to be like if not id than apply another style?

ul > li:not(#_1):not(#_3) 
<li id="_1"></li>
<li id="_3"></li>
<li id="_5"></li>  


You can do it using the negation along with the attribute selector.

The selector li:not([id]) would select only li elements which doesn't have an id attribute.

ul > li:not([id]) {
  background: red;
  <li id="_1"></li> <!-- will not be selected -->
  <li></li>         <!-- will be selected -->
  <li id="_3"></li> <!-- will not be selected -->
  <li></li>         <!-- will be selected -->
  <li id="_5"></li> <!-- will not be selected -->
  <li id=""></li>   <!-- will not be selected -->

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