Symfony Logging

In Java, I use log4J that is a logging framework. In Log4j you can do something like this:

if (log.isDebug()) {
  // do some expensive operation that should only be displayed if DEBUG is turned on

Reading some Symfony examples, I am unable to find a way to determine if DEBUG logging is activated in the current class context. Is there a way to do this?

if (--need something here--) {
  $this->logMessage('Expensive operation return value: '.expensiveFunction(), 'debug');


something like

$this->getLogger()->getLogLevel() == sfLogger::DEBUG

should do.

You should check the usage for Monolog

You could also try: sfConfig::get('sf_logging_enabled'). It shows if logging is enabled. The levels can be configured in the factories.yml.

You can check is in debug mode with that:

if ($this->get('kernel')->isDebug()) {

This is information about logger service and

you can use the symfony logger service if your are in a controller you can call this service using this code:

if ($this->get('kernel')->isDebug()) {
 $this->get('logger')->err('my custom message');

If you want to improve your system yo can check MonologBundle

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