Excel - Search and Replace Inverted Commas

So, the issue seems to be quite trivial, but I cannot find a solution. Pretty much, I have the following formula:


And I want to change "MyError" to set_error_str using the excel Search and Replace option.

What I have tried:

  1. plenty of escape inverted commas (I tried with up to 4);
  2. CHAR(34);

Note - I am aware how to do it with VBA, but I want a normal user solution with Search and Replace (Ctrl+H). And in the net I found plenty of examples for SUBSTITUTE formula, but this is also not what I want.


This is what worked for me.

  • In the find box enter "MyError" (with the quotes)
  • In the replace box enter: set_error_str
  • Expand the options and make sure that the Look in is set to Formulas

Now it should work

I'm failing to see the problem. [Ctrl]+H, search for "MyError"), replace with set_error_str).

                                before Find and Replace

                                after Find and Replace

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