web development or mobile app development

I am a student at second last year at university level. so far we have been working only on java so far next year we will learn a few courses about web development. i was wondering which field i should chose to work more on for brighter future. since i have a year left at my university i was thinking it's good idea to choose the direction of future work and study that subject in detail. please feel free to suggest some options web development (frontend or backend, less complexed ) or mobile app development and why. please don't forget to add few good languages and frameworks related to your suggestion which may help while working.


The way is fully depends upon your decision. But I've some suggestions regarding Mobile and Web Development.

Mobile Development

  1. Tied to one specific platform such as Android, iOS or Mac OS and Windows Phone and Windows.
  2. They are easy to learn using any of their provided programming language such as Java for Android, Objective-C and Swift for iOS and C# and Visual Basic for Windows. (Although there are some other options for choosing languages).
  3. The market competition is low in Mobile Development.

Web Development

  1. They are not tied to any specific platform such as Windows, MAC OS or Linux.
  2. They are access through a web browser.
  3. The Market Competition is very high such as new introduction to Front-End libraries and frameworks by different companies such as Google's Angular 2, Ember and Knockout.
  4. Quick Evolution of Back-End frameworks such as Microsoft ASP.NET 5, Python Django.
  5. They are mostly open source.

I've worked on Windows Development (Mobile Development) but after a long period, I switch to web development because of a lot of open source and platform independence.

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