Is there a Cocoa type for representing a 3D point

In Cocoa there is a NSPoint type to represent points in 2d-space. I can't find a way to represent a 3D type. Is there one and in that case what is it called? Or should I roll my own?


Right, make your own. I use something like this:

typedef struct Point3D_ {
  CGFloat x, y, z;
} Point3D;

Also do this to make creation of Point3D easier:

Point3D Point3DMake( CGFloat xx, CGFloat yy, CGFloat zz ){
  Point3D p;  
  p.x = xx; p.y = yy; p.z = zz;
  return p;

While I have yet to remember or find something in the core of AppKit or Cocoa that's directly analagous to CGPoint, Apple do provide some types within "extra" frameworks. Here's a collection of what I've got so far.


Apple's SceneKit provides a type SCNVector3, which is documented to be a simple struct:

typedef struct SCNVector3 { CGFloat x, y, z; } SCNVector3;

There are a few helper functions like SCNVector3Make and SCNVector3EqualToVector3 and one to convert between GLKit vectors.


Apple's GLKit provides a type GLKVector3, with even more features and helper functions.

union _GLKVector3 {
    struct { float x, y, z; };
    struct { float r, g, b; };
    struct { float s, t, p; };
    float v[3];
typedef union _GLKVector3 GLKVector3;

As you can see, it is a union of a number of types, including a simple x/y/z struct and an indexable array of floats — so once you create one you can conveniently access its value in many different ways as makes sense in your context(s).

Besides a simple GLKVector3Make, there's a number of geometric calculation helpers, e.g. GLKVector3Length and GLKVector3DotProduct and and GLKVector3Lerp.

This one seems like a nice one to use if you don't mind pulling in GLKit.


Apple's SpriteKit defines a vector_float3, which is a bit messier:

typedef __attribute__((__ext_vector_type__(3))) float vector_float3;

This uses a compiler extension (Clang and perhaps GCC too?) to define this as a SIMD-friendly type. But it doesn't seem to be particularly developer-friendly other than that.


I'm guessing this isn't a good choice in most cases, but Apple's CoreLocation provides a specialized multidimensional type for locations. CLLocation has properties for latitude/longitude/altitude (in addition to a timestamp, accuracy values, speed, course, etc.) So you could use this for 3D data, but only recommended if your data's relative to the earth's surface!

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