Dll causes Python to crash when using memset

I've been working on a project where I'm trying to use an old CodeBase library, written in C++, in Python. What I want is to use CodeBase to reindex a .dbf-file that has a .cdx-index. But currently, Python is crashing during runtime. A more detailed explanation will follow further down.

As for Python, I'm using ctypes to load the dll and then execute a function I added myself which should cause no problems, since it doesn't use a single line of code that CodeBase itself isn't using. Python Code:

import ctypes  
cb_interface = ctypes.CDLL("C4DLL.DLL")  

Here's the CodeBase function I added, but it requires some amount of knowledge that I can't provide right now, without blowing this question up quite a bit. If neccessary, I will provide further insight, as much as I can:

S4EXPORT int reindex_file(const char* file){
    CODE4 S4PTR *code;
    DATA4 S4PTR *data;

    code4initLow(&code, 0, S4VERSION, sizeof(CODE4));
    data = d4open(code, file);

    return 1;

According to my own debugging, my problem happens in code4initLow. Python crashes with a window saying "python.exe has stopped working", when the dll reaches the following line of code:

memset( (void *)c4, 0, sizeof( CODE4 ) ) ;

c4 here is the same object as code in the previous code-block.

Is there some problem with a dll trying to alter memory during runtime? Could it be a python problem that would go away if I were to create a .exe-file from my python script?

If someone could answer me these questions and/or provide a solution for my python-crashing-problem, I would greatly appreciate it.

And last but not least, this is my first question here. If I have accidently managed to violate a written or unwritten rule here, I apologize and promise to fix that as soon as possible.


Like Joachim Pileborg saying the problem is, to pass a Nullpointer to code4initLow. ("Alternative") Solution is to allocate Memory for the struct CODE4 S4PTR *code = (CODE4*)malloc(sizeof(CODE4));, then pass the Pointer like code4initLow(code, 0, S4VERSION, sizeof(CODE4));.

First of all the pointer code doesn't point anywhere as it is uninitialized. Secondly you don't actually try to fill the structure, since you pass memset a pointer to the pointer.

What you should probably do is declare code as a normal structure instance (and not a pointer), and then use &code when passing it to d4open.

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