focus() is not working in edge browser

I am using popup.focus() to focus a popup window after a button is clicked. The focus() is working fine for all the browsers except for ****EDGE**** browser. The issue I am facing is intermittent. At times I am able to view the popup window (child popup dialog box) on the browser and at times behind the browser i.e. on the desktop and i am able to identify that the popup is open by the flashing on the task bar.

Any suggestion would be really appreciated

var popup = new PopupWind(url,'config')
popup.setFeature('height', height)
popup.setFeature('resizable', 'no')
popup.setFeature('scrollbars', 'no')
popup.setFeature('left', xLoc) // IE
popup.setFeature('top', yLoc)
popup.setFeature('screenx', xLoc) // NS
popup.setFeature('screeny', yLoc)

I tried using this to make focus() work in EDGE but it did not  

setTimeout( popup.focus,0); 


I have a solution/Hack

Please open link with the solution in your Edge browser

The window wasn't focusing intermittently!

The issue is that you need to mess with the focus of the page. if you open a popup and then focus on the parent page, then move the parent page even just 1 pixel. Clicking the button will focus on the popup again.

So for a crippled web browser where window methods don't seem to work what can you do other than wait for a few years for them to fix their focus() bug.

Well, the hack is to remove the focus from the parent window by generating a temp empty popup window. Then focusing on the main popup and closing the temp popup. All wrapped by a setTimeout @ 300ms, any lower and it didn't seem to work for me.


<script src=""></script>
<div id="button" class="bttn">Open Popup</div>
<div id="focus" class="bttn focus">Focus on Popup</div>


// This is the main guts of this page!
var isMSEdge = function() {
  return window.navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf('edge') > -1;

$(function() {
  var $bttn = $('#button');
  var $focusBttn = $('#focus');
  var tempWin;
  var testWindow;

  $bttn.on('click', function() {
    testWindow ='', "pocketninja", "width=300, height=300");

  $focusBttn.on('click', function() {
    if(testWindow && isMSEdge()) {
        tempWin ='', 'temp', 'width=1, height=1');

        setTimeout(function() {
        }, 300);   
    else {

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