In Haxe hxml file, how to target main class not in the root package

I'm trying to compile a project where the main entry point isn't in the root package (which virtually all examples use, e.g. -main Main), but I keep getting this error message:

Error: Invalid commandline class : rtp.qt.QTPrinter should be QTPrinter

Here are the various syntaxes that should work:

-cp src
-main rtp.qt.QTPrinter


-cp src
-main rtp/qt/QTPrinter.hx


It turns out, those syntaxes are both fine. I had just moved the QTPrinter.hx file from src/ to src/rtp/qt/ directory and I forgot to update the package statement at the top of the file (hence the invalid commandline class error.)

In my src/rtp/qt/QTPrinter.hx file, fix the package statement:

package rtp.qt;

I'm posting this mistake in hopes it helps someone. Cheers!

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