How to extend Node<T extends Comparable<T>> class

I have an abstract class that is like this:

public abstract class Node<T extends Comparable<T>>

I need extends Comparable<T> so that I may use .compareTo() with generic type T.

I try to extend this class with this sub-class declaration:

public class ListNode<T> extends Node<T extends Comparable<T>>

However this throws SyntaxErrors in eclipse for the second extends and for the final two >>.

Is this the way to declare the sub-class? It seems so messy.

public class ListNode<T extends Comparable<T>> extends Node<T extends Comparable<T>>

How should this be done? Cheers in advance.


With Node as

public abstract class Node<T extends Comparable<T>>{}

ListNode can be:

public class ListNode<T extends Comparable<T>> extends Node<T>

The key thing to note is that the type parameter after the name of the declared class is what constrains T for everything else in the class. This includes the other types extended by the declared class.

This means that once you have bounded T you don't need to do it again in the extends/implements statements.

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