Nested Class. error: expected parameter declarator - for inner class instance

I started learning about nested classes in C++, I tried a quick code which I pasted here to see how nested classes work. But the compilation end with some errors which I can't figure out.

File: check.cpp

class Outside{
        class Inside{
                int mInside;
                Inside(const int& x):mInside(x){}
        Inside mOutside(20);

int main(void){
Outside o;
return 0;

The error which I get on compiling by g++ -Wall -std=c++11 -o check.out check.cpp

check.cpp:12:25: error: expected parameter declarator
        Inside mOutside(20);
check.cpp:12:25: error: expected ')'
check.cpp:12:24: note: to match this '('
        Inside mOutside(20);

I need a good explanation behind this error and how to overcome this error.


You have to use = or {} for in-place member initialization:

// ...
    Inside mOutside = 20;

The parentheses form would be ambiguous (it could be confused with a function declaration).

Inside mOutside{20};

With clang++ this triggers the warning:

warning: private field 'mInside' is not used [-Wunused-private-field]

and the compiler has a point. The strange thing is the missing warning with the other form (=).

Try using this way of member initializing.

Inside mOutside = Inside(20);

Yes, your solution worked thank you. But how? Why?

See Initializing bases and members in open-std.

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