How to parse nested JSON input to object into jersey?

I am passing input to my API like this:

  "param1": "value1",
  "param3": {
               "min": "xyz",
               "max": "abc"

I want to parse this JSON request into object like :

class Filter {
       String param1;
       String param2;
       //frequency object will consist of maximum and minimum attributes
       Frequency frequency


How it is possible to automatically instantiate filter object in my API method?

Thanks in advance.


You can use jackson mapper


or if You using Jersey instead


ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();
String jsonString = "{\"param1\":\"Bar\",\"param2\":\"Foo\",\"frequency\":{\"min\":0,\"max\":10}}";
Filter filter = mapper.readValue(jsonString, Filter.class);

public class Filter {
    public String param1;
    public String param2;
    public Frequency frequency;

public class Frequency {
    public int min;
    public int max;

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