Inline code chunk for non-numeric variables in knitr

I'm trying to use inline R Markdown code to access the first level of a factor. I can get it to work if I use a chunk but not if I do it inline.

So while this works:


This does not:

`r as.character(iris$Species[1])`

I could get the inline version to run if I saved the cache and knitted the document twice. I just found this a bit odd because numeric variables behave differently. So, for instance, this works without having to knit it twice

`r mean(iris$Sepal.Length)` 


Sorry. I found out what the problem was. I found an inline hook that I had taken from here that turned out to cause the problem:

```{r, echo = FALSE}
inline_hook <- function(x){
      paste(format(x,digits = 2))

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