Converting file data to nested list

I have a string of numbers that I would like to convert to a nested list. So far, I have

 with open('lifedata.txt') as f:
    table_data = [ line.split() for line in f]

If the text document consists of numbers ordered like this,

0000000 0010000 0001000 0111000 0000000 0000000

The code I have so far only creates a nested list that looks like, [['0000000'], ['0010000'], ['0001000'], ['0111000'], ['0000000'], ['0000000']]

But instead, I wanted it took be [[0,0,0,0,0,0,0],[],[]] and so on. I also do not know how to convert the string into an integer. I'm just very confused on how I should manipulate the original text document to do what I want it to.


This is what is happening:

>>> "0000000".split()

Instead, call int() on every character in each string:

[[int(c) for c in line.strip()] for line in f] 

Or, via map():

[list(map(int, line.strip())) for line in f]

Use this ,it will return a list of containing data from each line of txt.


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