Adding a new entry into a list of maps?

How do I add a new entry into this Phonebook program? This is what I have so far. Any tip or help would be great.

void enterNewEntry(std::map<std::string, std::list<PhoneEntry>*> & phoneInfo) {

    string  firstName;
    string  lastName;
    string  phoneNumStr;
    priority_t  priorityVal;

    enterFirstAndLastNames(firstName, lastName);


this code snippet doesn't provide info about PhoneEntry class, neither map key, but still:

auto someList = new std::list<PhoneEntry>(); //creating empty list
someList->insert(phoneEntryObject);          //fill list with data
phoneInfo[someName] = someList;              //insert pair - key(someName) with mapped data(someList) into map container

don't forget to manually free memory, even when you want to just erase element

Would suggest you to take a look at std::multimap STL container.

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