How to Implement PUSH NOTIFICATION in Windows Universal App 10?

This may be a duplicate question. But I did not find any solution yet. Can you please provide any example or sample code for registering App for PUSH NOTIFICATION on uwp 10?

Client code needed and Push notification type is Server to client. Client should register for receiving Server PUSH and Handle the push coming from server.


Here is the link for localpush:

For push notification from server to work, read here

I have implemented push notification. So, It may help someone. Add a new method in App.xaml.cs:

private async Task InitNotificationsAsync()
    // Get a channel URI from WNS.
    var channel = await PushNotificationChannelManager
    channel.PushNotificationReceived += Channel_PushNotificationReceived;            

Call this method inside OnLaunched method:

protected async override void OnLaunched(LaunchActivatedEventArgs e)
     await InitNotificationsAsync();

Hope this will help.

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