OpenCV Error : Assertion failed while calling detectMultiScale

Getting OpenCV Error : Assertion failed while calling detectMultiScale for human body detection using webcam.

Error details

Unhandled exception at 0x000007FEFD9F9E5D in BodyDetection.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: cv::Exception at memory location 0x00000000001AF470.

OpenCV Error : Assertion failed (0 <= roi.x && 0<= roi.width && roi.x + roi.width <= m.cols && 0<= roi.y && 0<= roi.height && roi.y + roi.height <= m.roys) in cv:: Mat :: Mat, file C:\builds\master_PackSlave-win64-vc12-shared\opencv\modules\core\src\matrix.cpp, line 508

I'm using visual studio 2013 with x64


This was mainly because of opencv files that i have installed. 32 bit and 64 bit is a tricky one!

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