How to fetch the data from website (particlar site with credentials)

I have a requirement where i need to login to multiple sites ( and give my credentials (Id and Pass). After logging in, i have to click on particular link and need to select the date range and status level for all tasks in combo boxes. Then we will get the required information.

To avoid this all manual process, i would like to automate this in C# (Windows application). Can anyone please help me how to achieve this? Thanks in advance.


A possible solution could be using Selenium for this. With the Selenium webdriver you can easy fetch data from your web page.

With Selenium you could use FindElement(ById... And use the GetText option to get your specific data.

You could also use HtmlAgilityPack. Authentification is possible with

using HtmlAgilityPack;

var htmlWeb = new HtmlWeb();
htmlWeb.PreRequestHandler += (request) => 
    request.Credentials = new NetworkCredential("login", SecureString);
    return true; 

Check this post for more informations..

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