Call storedProcedure in XMLHttpRequest

Here is my webService.After enter procedureName and call invoke button I get resault.

How call this webService and enter parameter name storedProcedure in XMLHttpRequest?

I'm try

var procNameVal = 'Execute cityReturn';

                var url = "../webService/myService.asmx/myServiceDB?callback=?userName=test&callback=test&procedureName=";
                url += procNameVal;

but not working!

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
    var myReq = new XMLHttpRequest();
    function callWSMethod1()

        if (window.XMLHttpRequest)
                var url = "../webService/myService.asmx/myServiceDB; //???
                myReq.onreadystatechange = CheckStatus1;
      "GET", url, true); // true indicates asynchronous request

    function CheckStatus1()

        if (myReq.readyState == 4) // Completed operation



var par1 = '1';
var par2 = '2';

var url = "..webService/myService.asmx/myServiceDB?userName=par1&callback=par2&procedureName="
                + document.getElementById("myProc").value;

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