Regular expression used for letters not failing for dots

while read first last email
#echo "$first" "$last" "$email"
if [[ "$first" =~ $re && "$last" =~ $re ]]; then
        echo "$email"
        echo "bad"
done < "$filename"

I am writing a bash script and trying to check the format list provided in the argument of the shell filename.File has the content as

Noble Able
Bob builder <>
Chris Charley
Ed Edwards Kola Jones

As what I expect it should give error(print bad) at the last line since it has the dot character but my result is


Regular expressions in the =~ construct are not anchored (unlike patterns which might have confused you: [[ $first == +([a-zA-Z]) ]]).

Regex matches even if a substring of the string matches it. You need to use ^ and $ for the beginning and end of the string, respectively.

[[ $first =~ ^[a-zA-Z]+$ ]]

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