Use DLL file in my URL link , c#

I'm writing a c# code to do : 1- get file file zipped folder. 2- add file to zipped folder. 3- if the file is Image then do compression and re-size the image with some conditions.

and its working perfectly :)

i need to put the code inside a library and build it so i can get a DLL file, and that's easy too i have no problem with it.

the problem is: how can i pass parameter to that DLL file. i need to use it like this:

<a href='myDLL.dll?image=XX&width=XX&height=XX&compression=XX' />

please help me on this.


I think it is not possible to call a dll from html, why you didn't use a HttpHandler for this?

In order to create a dll file which can be usable by other project, you should create a new "Class Library" project. This is a specific type of a project which returns only a .dll file as a result. Then you should add this dll to your other projects in order to use the functions.

Here is more info about the topic: MSDN Class Library

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