Connect to local TFS with java API

I'm trying to connect to an on-site TFS server using the java API. I have no issues connecting to a VisualStudio online server, but when I try with local, it tells me "Basic credentials are only supported over HTTPS secured connections." Making the server HTTPS is not an option. I've looked at the source code for the Jenkins TFS plugin, and it appears to me that they are using the same authentication as me. Any advice on how to get this connected would be greatly appreciated.


Check Daniel Mann's reply in this case:

" You need to either set up TEE to not care if you send credentials over plain-text (which is bad and I strongly recommend against, but can be accomplished by setting the environment variable), or set up HTTPS.

Enabling Basic authentication and setting up HTTPS is something your TFS administrator will have to do.

There are other options (like Kerberos authentication) if you have your Mac joined to a Windows domain, but HTTPS + Basic authentication is probably the easiest if you don't."

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