HTTPs over Bottlepy and Gevent

What is the best way to insert HTTPs in this code? I need to use Bootlepy and Gevent, like this example. Thanks

from gevent import monkey; monkey.patch_all()

from time import sleep
from bottle import route, run

def hello():
    return "<html><body>hello</body></html>"

def stream():
    yield 'START'
    yield 'MIDDLE'
    yield 'END'

run(host='', port=8080, server='gevent')


from gevent import pywsgi
import bottle

# Get bottle's WSGI callable
wsgi_app = bottle.default_app()

# Needs a generated SSL key and certificate to use.
server = pywsgi.WSGIServer(('', 443), wsgi_app,
                           keyfile='server.key', certfile='server.crt')

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