Android reveal animation on FAB to launch a new activity

I am trying to create a reveal animation on a Floating Action Button, so that when clicked it animates and starts a new activity. I haven't had any luck on finding a tutorial on how to do this specifically.


You can try a third party library like for example: This library is made for the purpose of your question and is easy to use.

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How to consolidate springframework.beans.factory.UnsatisfiedDependencyException stack trace?

java spring spring-data

This stack trace is long and confusing. It lists 5 causes: UnsatisfiedDependencyException / BeanCreationException / UnsatisfiedDependencyException / BeanCreationException / Actual error (NoHostname...

How to make API call and pass header to it using Meteor

javascript json api meteor

I am trying to call one API using Meteor. The sample code given in API guide is as below: