bash - Switch git protocol for multiple git repository via bash

On linux, there are some git repo, whose .git/config contain following 3 lines:

[remote "origin"]
    url = git@github-eo:eric/workspace.git
    # url =

(Tip: the last 2 line begin with a tab.)

The question is:

  • I want to move the # from 3rd line to 2nd line by bash, via sed maybe, and also be able to move it back. I mean trigger the 2 lines, how to call the sed in bash?


Choose protocol via argument to script:

Actually, I will provide an argument to the script, it should be either ssh or https, the argument will decide which line to uncomment, and which to comment, if a line for one of the 2 protocol don't exists, then ignore it.

By the way, I just need the sed part to modify the 2 lines, I can write other parts of the bash, to save your time.

Reason I want to do this:

I want to do this, because sometime ssh won't work due to network or github bug, I don't know, at that time I need to switch all git repo from ssh to https, but when ssh works well, I will use it because I don't need to input password each time.

I have also asked this question about why ssh not working from time to time, but not solved, so I have to write a script to help trigger it with one command.


Thanks for answers & comments, I would summary the solutions as following.


  • Use bash & sed, see the answer by Eric Wang (me). It works for linux I guess, mac might need some modification for the tab match, windows might can't use it.
  • Use bash & awk, see answer by anubhava.
  • Define multiple remote, 1 for ssh, 1 for https, then choosing protocol by select the remote, see comments under question by William Pursell. This would work for all system I guess.
  • Use [include] to another file that specify the protocol lines, and change the soft link when need, could write a shell script to help switch the soft link instead of change file content, see comments under question by gniourf_gniourf. This works at least for unix-like system I guess.


awk might be better option here:

awk -v kw='(https|ssh):' 'p ~ /^\turl/ && $0 ~ kw && $0 ~ /^\t#[[:blank:]]*url/ {
   sub(/^\t/, "\t# ", p)
   sub(/^\t*#[[:blank:]]*/, "\t")
p!="" {
   print p
   print p
}' file

[remote "origin"]
    # url = git@github-eo:eric/workspace.git
    url =

I just figured out how to do that via sed, following is the script:



# repo array,




# read protocol,
if [ $# -ge 1 ]; then

# check protocol,
if [ $protocol == "ssh" ]; then
elif [ $protocol == "https" ]; then
    echo "invalid protocol: $protocol"
    exit 1;

# switch protocol for repo in array,
for i in "${!repo_arr[@]}"; do 
    if [ -d "${repo_arr[$i]}" ]; then
        sed -i "s/^\turl = $url_prefix_comment/\t# url = $url_prefix_comment/g" "${repo_arr[$i]}/.git/config"
        sed -i "s/^\t# url = $url_prefix_uncomment/\turl = $url_prefix_uncomment/g" "${repo_arr[$i]}/.git/config"

        repo_count=$(expr $repo_count + 1)
        echo "non exists repo: ${repo_arr[$i]}"

echo "Done, switch to protocol [$protocol], repo count: {$repo_count}."

exit 0

Call it
# switch to ssh
./ ssh

# switch to https
./ https

What it do

It will help to switch protocol for all repo listed in the bash array. Ofcause, need to add the 2 line for 2 protocol for each repo first by hand.

Cheers :}

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