Named pipe is connected while checking if it exists from Java

I am using Lukas Thomsen's named pipe example to create a pipe server in C++ and a reader in Java.

On the Java side I want to wait until the Named Pipe is created by C++ server.

File file = new File("\\\\.\\pipe\\Pipe");


InputStream input = new FileInputStream(file);

However, the file.exists() somehow connects the named pipe and instantiating FileInputStream throws following exception: \\.\pipe\Pipe (All pipe instances are busy)
at Method)
at Source)
at<init>(Unknown Source)

Here is the snippet of c++ server:

int main(void)
char buffer[1024];
DWORD dwRead;

hPipe = CreateNamedPipe(TEXT("\\\\.\\pipe\\Pipe"),
                        PIPE_ACCESS_DUPLEX | PIPE_TYPE_BYTE | PIPE_READMODE_BYTE,   // FILE_FLAG_FIRST_PIPE_INSTANCE is not needed but forces CreateNamedPipe(..) to fail if the pipe already exists...
                        1024 * 16,
                        1024 * 16,
    if (ConnectNamedPipe(hPipe, NULL) != FALSE)   // wait for someone to connect to the pipe
        //do amazing stuff after being connected.   


return 0;

So what it the proper way to wait for named pipe in Java without throwing this error?


The reason this problem occurs is that File.exists() on Windows is implemented using a sequence of native function calls to CreateFile, GetFileInformationByHandle and CloseHandle. See the getFileInformation function in the Java source code. From a named pipe perspective this is bad because on Windows named pipes have to be reset between uses and the CreateFile call in that native function counts as a use.

The solution is to ask forgiveness rather than permission when opening the named pipe on the Java side. Something along the lines of:

File file = new File("\\\\.\\pipe\\Pipe");

while (true) {
    try {
        return new FileInputStream(file);
    } catch (IOException e) {

(Obviously you might not want to loop forever in practice, but the code in the question did.)

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