Get enviroment variable from string with ash

Consider the following:

/ # export string="TEMPLATEGO_SERVICE_HOST"
/ # echo $string

With bash I can do:

/ echo ${!string}

If I try the same with ash, I get the following error:

/ # echo ${!string}
ash: syntax error: bad substitution

I am running inside a alpine container and as a workaround I am downloading bash and using it. But want to avoid the extra size on my docker image.


The only way to do this in ash is to use eval. However, you should verify that what you are trying to evaluate consists only of a valid shell identifier to avoid executing unintended code from an untrusted value. For example,

if echo "$string" | grep -q '^[a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_]*$' "$string"; then
    eval echo \$$string

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