Change device profile using phonegap / cordova

Iam using PhoneGap/Cordova + Backbone for developing a cross platform mobile application. Using phonegap i can access almost all the functions of the device. Is there somehow possible to access or change the device's profile using PhoneGap or using backbone ? I searched a lot but couldn't find any relevant results..!!

Is there any documentation available on this ?

Any help will be very much appreciated..!!


I didnt get what you means about "device's profile". You talking about accounts?

About Phonegap/Cordova you can do everything that a native app can. But sometimes you need to write a native plugin to interact with device. I already had to do that to do push notifications using a third lib. You write a native class to do something, register it in plugins, give permissions and then call it with your javascript.

You can find documentation here:

Add this cordova plugin into your project.

Put these line of codes into your view page


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