Facebook Application Request limit reached

I am getting an FBerror "This operation can't be completed: Application request limit reached". Does anybody know why is it so? How to check the limit? How to increase the limit? What depends on the limit allocation?


I recently ran across this issue doing a large number of requests using an application access token (the initial project requirements mandated that the user shouldn't have to authorize the app).

After much frustration, we finally were put in touch with a contact at Facebook who provided the following info in response to my question regarding request limits:

There is a limit, but it's pretty high, it should be difficult to hit unless they're using the same access tokens for all calls and not caching results, etc. It's 600 calls per 600 seconds per access token.

Ultimately we ended up requiring the user to authorize, as Facebook does not seem to distinguish between user access tokens (one token per user) and application access tokens (one token for all users) when calculating its seemingly arbitrary request limits.

If you are running into this error with a user access token, you may need to optimize your API calls (possibly by combining FQL queries or replacing multiple Graph requests with a single FQL query).

try this with your php code:

50 continuous FQL calls. After a pause of 10 seconds (sleep (10)) You repeat.

   echo "\n\n---Bloque #".++$numBloque."---\n\n";

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