Disable hover with knockout condition

I have a button which looks like this:

<button data-bind="enable: valid, css:{'btn-primary': valid() === true}">

I would like to disable with the same condition valid() === true. In essence I want to add pointer-events: none when my function is equal to true using knockout bindings.


Your title says "disable hover", but the question (slipstreamed from earlier PO comments) mentions wanting to add a pointer-events css value. I'll assume the latter to be the final instruction.

The most sane way to do so would be to have a class that is enabled/disabled, as per @SivanrajM's comment. For example:

ko.applyBindings({ valid: ko.observable(true) });

// For demo purposes:
document.querySelector("button").addEventListener("click", function() {
.btn-primary { text-transform: uppercase; }
.no-ptr-evts { pointer-events: none; color: red; }
<script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/knockout/3.4.0/knockout-min.js"></script>

<button data-bind="enable: valid,
                   css: { 'btn-primary': valid,
                          'no-ptr-evts': valid }">
  (try to) click me
<label><input type="checkbox" data-bind="checked: valid"> `valid`</label>

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