fuel cms of codeigniter not working

I am installing codeigniter based cms FUEL CMS. I followed all the steps. But when I am tring to open http://localhost/ci_cms/fuel on localhost then it is redirecting me to http://localhost/xxamp/ But if typing http://localhost/ci_cms/index.php/fuel/login then it is working

this is what i got in index.php in http://localhost/ci_cms/fuel/

  header('Location: start');

No htaccess file here . Please advise me what I'm missing in my installion setup.



When you downloaded fuelCms after extracting. You have below folder structure

assets -> Folder
fuel   -> Folder
index.php  -> Fuel CMS Master Index File

Now, in your opencart structure now structure should like

 fuel -> Copied folder from fuel CMS

Now open your fuel folder replace current index.php file with "Fuel CMS Master Index File" then it works. In this index.php make sure INSTALL_ROOT will be correct. remove fuel from end.

So it should be

define('INSTALL_ROOT', str_replace('\\', '/',realpath(dirname(__FILE__))).'/');

add this to your .htaccess

< IfModule mod_rewrite.c >

    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteCond $0 !^(index\.php|css|js|images|robots\.txt)
    RewriteRule .* index.php/$0 [L] 

< /IfModule >

and change in system/application/config/config.php.

$config['index_page'] = ""; 

Edit your root .httaccess then change the value of RewriteBase to be just a slash. So it should look like this

    RewriteBase / 

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