Login system with different users roles

I did a login/register system and it works fine. I wanted to add user roles, e.g. When the admin logs in, he will be redirected to index page; when user logs in, he will be redirected to profile page. This is what I did:


    public function loginUser($username,$password){
    $query=$this->db->prepare("SELECT id, username FROM users WHERE username=? AND email=?");


        $_SESSION['login']= true;
        $_SESSION['uid']= $userdata['id'];
        $_SESSION['uname']= $userdata['username'];
        $_SESSION['login_msg']= "Login succesful";

        return true;
        return false;

public function userRole($uid){
    $query=$this->db->prepare("SELECT role FROM users WHERE id=?");
    echo $res['role'];



if(empty($username) or empty($password)){
   echo "Error... Field must not be empty";
   $login = $user->loginUser($username,$password);
      header('Location: transition.php');
     echo "E-mail or password not match";

            <form action="" method="post" name="reg">
                    <tr><td> <input type="text" name="username" placeholder="Nombre de usuario"></td></tr>
                    <tr><td> <input type="password" name="password" placeholder="Password"></td></tr>

                    <tr><td> <input type="submit" name="login" value="Login" onclick="return(submitreg());"></td></tr>


require_once "functions.php";
$db = new DatabaseConnection();
$user = new LoginRegister($db->pdo);


header('Location: login.php');
$type = $user->userRole($uid);
echo $type;

if($type == 0){
header('Location: index.php');
}else{header('Location: profile.php');

I added the function userRole to get the role of the user, and transition.php is to know if the function works fine, if I delete the if sentence and I print the role, it prints the right role. When I login without this function and php file it works properly, but when I added this function and php file, I always get redirected to index.php regardless the role.

In my database the user role is just a number (0 for admin and 1 for user).


I had a similar problem involving administration roles. I created a column named active. If active was 0

the user's account was deactivated

If active was 1

the user account was currently active

If active was 2

the user is an admin

You could do a simple if statement to check what is the value of active. You would check this value after a login...

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