UWP OneDrive does not support FolderPicker contract on mobile?

I am trying to get permission to access an entire OneDrive folder to use as a "working folder" (to automatically load/save files, and to use as a common sync location between devices).

I have used the example here to work with a FolderPicker: https://msdn.microsoft.com/library/windows/apps/br207881

If I use a FilePicker I have the option of "This Device"/"Phone"/"OneDrive", however when using a FolderPicker I only get the option of "This Device"/"Phone".

I haven't seen much documentation around the File/FolderPicker contracts, however it seems that OneDrive only supports the FilePicker contract, not the FolderPicker contract; I don't feel this is correct and I expect I have made a mistake somewhere.

Any help would be very much appreciated!

Regards, Inci

NB. I have deliberately avoided using the OneDrive API as it adds a layer of complexity that I would rather avoid. Using a FolderPicker allows me to work directly with a StorageFolder which is a consistent and simple approach.


OneDrive does not support the FolderPicker contract, it only supports FilePickers!

See this link: dev.onedrive.com/SDKs.htm ("FilerPicker SDKs" section-> "Windows" row -> "Documentation" column)

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