Python split dataframe column with pipe

Suppose I have a pandas data frame df

userid      subcategory             timestamp                  smartexpenseid                                         companyid
20648196    SmartExpense Declined   2016-03-06T16:44:55.702Z    11771712||91164585||||                                9797
43124398    SmartExpense Declined   2016-03-06T17:09:06.033Z    11111111|249178181?CARRT?266298850196|93461910||||    63177
76764125    SmartExpense Declined   2016-03-06T19:44:19.078Z    137177|250155900?HOTEL?270593373724|92826286||||      199412

I want to split the smartexpenseid column into separate columns in the same data frame 11111111|249178181?CARRT?266298850196|93461910|||| -> “CctKey|TripId?SegType?SegId|EreceiptId|PctKey|MeKey|RcKey|CapKey”

Can somebody please suggest a best possible way to do it in Python ?


Try this



Remove all group ?<name> syntax in Python


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