elfinder image thumbnails does not show in windows and linux server

I test elfinder on windows localhost and on a linux server but while thumbnail image has created in .tmb folder but has no preview on the elFinder instances.

this is a screenshot of my elfinder dialog window:

I test 755 , 775 permissions for .tmb folder on the linux server but the problem is not resolved.

what is problem and haw can I solve that?


According to nao-pon Answer, This is by design of moono theme that I used for change Style of elFinder.

Just need to change this line in theme css file. theme.css L.54

.elfinder-cwd-icon {
  background-image: none !important;
  overflow: hidden;

AND theme.css L.111

.elfinder-cwd-icon-postscript:before {
  /*content: '\f1c5';*/

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